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Some Advice Please...

Hello, I currently have a number of health concerns and I wanted to share my symptoms here to see if anyone else is having the same problems and know of any solutions.

I’m a 28-year-old male and I used to do Boxing and suffered a few concussions which I never got checked out by a medical professional. This was years ago, in my late teens but I thought I would mention it to be thorough.  I have taken a lot of head shots in my life but none for over six years now.

Headaches, I get pain in my shoulders, neck and all around my head. They are not terribly painful and I usually don’t bother taking anything for them as I don’t like to take a lot of medication if I can avoid it.  It feels like a belt being tightened around my skull and I usually get two or three of these per week.

Sinuses, they pop multiple times a day and although It's not painful it is a concern as it feels strange. After a recent flight, it felt like I had pop rocks up my nose. I get pressure behind my eyes and across my forehead.

Ears, whenever I open my mouth I can hear a grinding noise, it sounds like somebody is screwing up paper. I also get ringing in my ears from time to time and if I have drunk a lot the ringing can be quite loud. I get pressure in my ears the same way I do my sinuses which causes a lot of popping and pressure.

Eyes, when I get headaches it's usually accompanied by pressure behind my eyes and pain across my cheeks. I usually wake up with puffy eyes which go down around lunch time. I have also noticed an increase in floaters.

Neck, sometimes I get a noise in the back of my neck which can be compared to a rain shaker. It's like a crackling sound which feels like it’s travelling down, it feels wired but isn’t painful.

Anxiety, these symptoms have made me very anxious and I have experienced minor panic attacks where I find it hard to breath and stay still. These aren't common but they are scary when they happen.

Twitches, I get twitches in my legs, hands, forehead and back. These aren't painful but they add to my concerns. Sometimes when I'm lying in bed I will get a full body jolt just as I’m drifting off to sleep.

Tiredness, the feeling of fatigue can come and go suddenly but it’s more of a foggy feeling. It’s like I’m not really with it and can’t concentrate, I could drink coffee or energy drinks but that brings on some of the other problems so I try and avoid stimulates.

Not all of these symptoms are constant but they are common enough for them to be a problem and I would like to get them sorted or at least understand what they are so I can look for treatments.

What I've done, I went to the opticians and had a full eye exam which was all fine. I don't need glasses so my eyesight isn’t the cause of my headaches or tiredness.

I visited the doctor who told me I had sinusitis despite me not having any nasal discharge. I saw a different doctor for a second opinion and the second doctor told me that I had TMJ and bad posture. I knew I had bad posture and I am trying to improve it, I work in an office and spend a lot of time slouching over the desk.

I have been to the dentist who agreed with the TMJ diagnosis and I will be getting a mouth guard made soon which hopefully help with some of these symptoms but I’m more worried about the headaches and muscle twitches than I am my jaw making a noise.

Sorry about the essay but I wanted to try and list everything. Thanks to anyone who made it to the end and I will look forward to your responses, does anyone suffer from the same symptoms and more importantly has anyone found any solutions to any of these problems?
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Well getting hit would cause a lot of issues, but you might want to try some simple blood tests to check your Vitamin D, magnesium and Vitamin B12
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