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Some sort of sun sensitivity?

I've had this odd sort of sensitivity to sunlight for years. It isn't like what I've read about actual sun allergies, and I have no idea what else to look up for it. So, here's my problem:

While I don't burst into any kind of rash with sunlight, it is an irritation. When it makes skin contact, the best I can think to describe it is kind of like an itch that you can't figure out where exactly to scratch. It's annoying and a bit uncomfortable until the irritant is removed. It doesn't always happen, and sometimes it's more annoying than others. Sunlight also tends to give me headaches, drains my energy at a surprising rate (sometimes after just a few minutes, which leads to a long while of feeling overall crappy), and my eyes are a bit extra sensitive to it. And again, the actual severity/annoyance of it all can very from day to day, even outing to outing.

Over the years, I've just dealt with it, and taken extra precautions. It has become mostly just part of my daily life. However, someone recently brought it up, wanting me to go to the doctor or something (because I've dealt with it, I've never gone in to ask specifically about this that I can recall... no offence, but I can't stand going to the doctors) to find out about it. Honestly, that's the last thing I want to do, but it's gotten me thinking. I haven't been capable of finding out what this is or what could cause it from what research I have done.

As for the actual question(s) here... is there anyone out there on this site who has seen/heard of someone else with that kind of issue, or even have the same things? Anyone know or have an inkling on what could cause this?

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