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Strange abdominal pain

I have been having a strange pain in my abdomen for the past month. A couple friends who are medical professionals suggested possible nerve pain, but I am unsure. I plan to see a doc soon, but wondered if anyone else has any clues?

Here are the symptoms and specifics:
-Female, mid 30s
-Not pregnant
-pain is a burning/pinching type pain
-occurs only in my left lower abdomen, about an inch below my belly button and to the left a little.
-typically only hurts upon releasing a deep breath (not when inhaling, when releasing!)
-does not hurt when laying flat or being still.
-sometimes I can feel the pain/pinch if I move or stretch a certain way.
-no abnormal bloating
-doesn’t seem to hurt when pressed on
-tight pants do seem to make it feel more “irritated.”
-before this pain began a month ago, I had been a little constipated.
-currently not constipated
-no abnormal bleeding, etc.
-no exercise or weight lifting that would have caused it.
-the pain has pretty much remained the same for the past month.
-recently had a complete blood count that was normal (two months ago)

Any other questions, just ask me! Any insight is appreciated!
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Hi there.  So, it may or may not be nerve pain, I agree that you perhaps it is not.  A doctor sure will help when you go see one to know for sure.  Is it happening on one side only?  When pregnant, women will feel this as the organs shift a bit. But you aren't pregnant.  Since you have organs there involving the gastrointestinal tract, other things could be happening.  Does it react at all to your diet and what you eat?  Some with wheat allergies or lactose intolerance have this type of sensation.  Most often this type of situation you describe is related to your gi tract.  
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Thanks! I haven’t noticed any connection to what I eat. I’ve tried eating a few different ways (elimination) and it doesn’t seem to affect it.
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Hello~It sounds like you may have a pinched nerve in your lower back, possibly seeing an osteopath or chiropractor would help. I am glad you are seeing you GP, however, it is always good to have on-going issues like that checked.
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Thank you! It does really “feel” like nerve pain. More superficial and less “deep” if that makes any sense. I wonder if the nerves in the back can affect the abdomen?
Absolutely, the nerves in our spine control almost all nerves, they are like the telephone lines.
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