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Hi. I have no idea what forum section this goes under, so it's going here. I am simply going to state all my symptoms, hopefully someone with medical knowledge can provide me an estimated guess as to what's wrong. I been feeling sick for the last two weeks.

- Occasional dizziness
- Occasional burning sensation in upper chest
- Occasional feeling of pressure/tightness in stomach and upper chest
- Occasional pain in throat after eating
- Occasional feeling of heaviness, specifically in chest (feeling weak and drained)
- Always feeling extremely tired (especially after waking up)
- Constant feeling of something in my throat
- Constant pain that swifts locations (right side of chest, lower right abdomen, middle of chest)
- Constant feeling of nausea after eating

That's pretty much all of them. Suggestions? Theories? - Thanks<3
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With your symptoms, please visit face-to-face with a physician.
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Hello, two thoughts come to mind. One more serious than the other and you should be checked by a doctor to rule that out.
This could be a case of Gerd or severe heartburn.  These symptoms definitely happen with this condition.  An antacid may help.  Something like prevacid or Tagamet? Or whatever other otc product you may want to try.  Also losing weight can make a difference, watching the acidic foods you eat, limiting fatty foods, eating earlier in the evening all can help.

The other thing and why I want you to go to the doctor right away to get checked out is that these symptoms can be indicative of a cardiac condition.  Not wanting to scare you but heart attacks are also associated with such symptoms.  

So, please go to the doctor right away.  Let me know what you think of this information.
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Thank you for the information and reply !
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