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Terrible muscle spasms!

I am a 54 yr.old female in fairly good health. My problem is, about 4 mths. ago I started having these muscle spasms. I get them all throughout the day and at night time. During the day I get most of them in my upper stomach area underneath my ribs. At night I get them in my calves, feet and toes. They will actually wake me from a deep sleep. Sometimes I get them in my back underneath my shoulder blades. I'm drinking plenty of water and I also take 2000 mg. Of vitiman D everyday too because my bloodwork showed that I needed it. I told my Dr. about this and he just shrugged it off. It's very painful and I'm very tired of it. If someone could PLEASE tell me what I could do to help these spasms go away, I would be so grateful! Thank You!  KImberly
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Very good advice Red_Star. Magnesium deficiency is very common.
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You know what, it is down right impossible though to get the amount that we are suppose to every day, not to mention how hard it is for the body to absorb the over the counter stuff. I'm trying to actually eat enough of it, but it's very hard.
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Excerpt from the article: Know the Importance of Taking Enough Magnesium with Your Vitamin D...

"Vitamin D, just like all other nutrients, works in harmony with several other nutrients to perform its many functions. Most importantly, vitamin D requires and 'uses up' magnesium to convert from supplements or sun into its active form in the blood. As such, it is a big mistake to simply take large doses of Vitamin D without taking the need for magnesium into consideration. Yet this is exactly what is happening in most cases and it is causing a lot of people to have problems that they believe are due to side effects of Vitamin D- or even worse they believe they are experiencing an overdose.

Such a huge number of people have subtle magnesium deficiency that some researchers and doctors are calling magnesium deficiency an epidemic, and anyone with even a mild or 'subclinical' magnesium deficiency will have this deficiency amplified when Vitamin D is taken. This is creating some uncomfortable 'Side Effects of Vitamin D' that are actually symptoms of an induced magnesium deficiency! Some of the magnesium deficiency symptoms being attributed to Vitamin D are:

Muscle Cramps
Heart Palpitations
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Thank you....I stopped taking the 4,000 mg. of vitamin D and sure enough they have subsided a lot. About 80%.....what a relief. You have no idea how miserable I was!  My Dr. kept telling me that it was due to acid reflux, even though I take my little purple pill ever day for acid reflux. I knew that she was wrong, but it's hard to argue with a Dr., you know. Now, I don't know what I am suppose to do about getting enough vitamin D. I was shocked when my Dr. told me that it was so low because I live in Florida and get enough sun, let me tell ya!
             Thanks Again....I'm a NEW person! Have you considered going to medical school? Seriously!
I forgot to mention that I started taking Mg BRIGHT. It's a form of magnesium that supposedly is absorbed easily and doesn't cause stomach upset. After Ive been on it for a while then I will start taking the vitamin D again too. That is, IF this stuff works. I am also trying to eat foods high in magnesium.
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Spasms such as these are often caused by a deficiency of calcium, magnesium, or potasium. For two hundred years quinine sulfate was available over the counter until the FDA banned it about six years ago. I have some and it is very helpful. Drinking water is not relevant. Try drinking a glass of milk, eating a banana and getting a supplement of magnesium gluconate.
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Thank you so much. I will have to do some research to find out why this drug was banned before I can take it though.
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