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Tingling dizziness lightheadedness nausea

Hi. I am 35 year old women. From past couple of weeks I am experiencing tingling. Sometimes it's my arms, legs. Sometimes face. Pins and needles on head. From two days the tingling has stopped. I feel lightheaded and dizzy. Right now I feel pressure in my ears.
One day I felt tingling all over body because I was too stressed out thinking what's happening to me. That has gone now. The symptoms are so weird. At time I feel neck pain, at times tingling on neck and back. Can someone please help.
My blood test was normal only low on Vit D which I have started taking from yesterday.
I have MRI of brain and spine scheduled next week. I am so nervous about that.
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Sorry you are having a rough time!!  I'm sure this is scaring you.  There is a chance that the ear issue is unrelated to your other symptoms.  I have Eustachian tube dysfunction myself and will get a fullness in my ear, sometimes a ringing and the worst, dizziness on the level of vertigo (which often includes nausea).  I had this chronically for a good long while until a visited an ENT that taught me how to do reverse ear pops (hold nose and blow, it pops your ears.  Do it over and over).  That straightened out my inner ear issue and now I only occasionally have an issue---  very rare, less than once a year.  

As to the other, could you have a pinched nerve?  

I'm glad you've addressed the vitamin D issue too as that has surprising effects on the body.  Let us know if taking this helps and what the neurologist says.  Come back and update!
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I am just afraid thinking what if it's a tumor or anything serious.
Ah, I understand.  But you can't think about it that way.  Whatever it is, even if a tumor, is likely treatable if you find out what it is.  And the best odds are that it is something non serious. When we are anxious about something, we feel every ache, twinge, pain, tingle because we are hyper focused on it.  So, once you see a doctor, I suspect this will get better.  Sincerely.  good luck and DO please update us!
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Thanks so much
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