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When sitting or standing still, I sway slightly from a front to back motion. I am a 29 yr old female in good health. What can this be? Someone please help me. Thank you so so much .

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Your post is a little vague. Are you dizzy and swaying? Do you have any other symptoms?
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Hello  It is hard to tell what the cause is but here are a few suggestions.  The changes in the weather are causing a lot of people to have sinus issues right now and it is possible that this is the cause.   It is also possible that you have an inner ear infection that is starting or you may be getting ready to get sick with a bug you've been exposed to.    Changes in blood pressure can cause you to feel this way.   Also, stress can cause dizziness and the swaying feelings as well.

If the symptoms continue you really need to see your doctor for the actual cause and appropriate treatment.  Remember while having these symptoms do not drive,  avoid bending over as much as possible, avoid getting up from lying or standing positions quickly because you could pass out.  

I Hope This Helps    Good Luck!  
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without knowing if you have any medical problems as stated above it just could be a form of self-gratification as when some people when sitting slightly rock open and close both legs.
it's like a nervous habit.
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