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Hi there,

For the last week i have felt funny, this feeling doesnt happen often but often enough, the last time was just under 2 years ago.

I feel unaware of anything that i am doing or that is going on around me, i feel zoned/spaced out, my eyes feel heavy and cloudy, my vision is blurry, i get abit of memory loss (from when this feeling starts to when it ends i dont remember near as much as i normally would)
In all honesty it feels like i have been smoking alot of Marijuana and i am just High (but i am drug and alcohol free)

2 Weeks ago i was having about 2 350ml V Energy drinks daily plus 2 cups of coffee, i thought the caffeine may have something to do with it so i have stopped all caffeine intake but this hasnt improved much.

I see other people have related to similar feelings as "brain Fog"

If you have any answers or any suggestions they would be muchly appreciated as this is starting to get rather worrying for me.
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I would still make an appt. with a Neurologist and follow the suggestions listed above.

Perhaps while you are waiting to see the Neurologist your PCP can run a lab panel (chemistry panel) to make sure everything is OK when you see him/her for a visit.  

Try to get plenty of rest in a dark, quiet room when you get these episodes, and sleep if you can.  Keep us informed.
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Hi there, no family neurological problems, nor hitting my head or any jolts. Have had no caffeine or alcohol ( i dont drink anyway ), when i get this feeling it isnt just in random belts, its 24/7 for a week or two, have been drinking lots of water and trying to keep active, today i had it in the morning but it dissappeared before mid day
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Do you recall hitting your head or jolting it recently or ever?  Do you have a family history of neurological problems?  

You are doing the right thing by staying off the caffeine, but make sure you continue to drink plenty of water in the meantime when you are thirsty.  Also, avoid any alcohol.

I would also suggest that you make an appt. to have this worked up to see what is causing the problem.  You may want to keep your driving to a minimum in case this happens behind the wheel; you don't want to endanger yourself or others.
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You do need to make an appointment to see your doctor.

The symptoms you describe could be due to a number of problems, from diabetes, iron and Vitamin B12 deficiency, too much coffee and withdrawal symptoms; not enough sleep; neck problems; infections; not enough water causing dehydration.

Make sure that you do drink plenty of fluids (not alcohol) and keep your coffee and caffeine drinks to a minimum.  Eat a well balanced and healthy diet and get plenty of sleep.

Hopefully, your doctor will be able to do some blood tests to rule out some of the things I mentioned above, or treat you appropriately if any one of them show up.

Best wishes.
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What you are describing sounds like a neurological issue to me. It sounds similar to what is called a absent seizure. Talk with your doctor and see if you can get a EEG done to rule it out.
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