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Vaginal Burning

I am a 19 y/o female, and over the last few weeks I have had an almost constant vaginal burning.  It is very painful when urinating, and I always feel as if I have to urinate even after I have just done so.  There is no itching, and little discharge.  I am also not sexually active, so that rules out any STDs.  Any suggestions?
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Is it possible your bladder is also involved? In any case, get yourself to a doctor, preferably an OB/GYN.
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I agree, it sounds more like a bladder/urinary tract infection to me. Those are two of the most common symptoms, frequent need to urinate and burn while going. Also, going just small amounts. Get yourself to the doctor and in the mean time, drink lots of water and also drink cranberry juice or take cranberry pills. Also stay away from artificial sweeteners and foods with dyes in them. They can contribute to these problems.
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