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Vitamin D and B12 deficiency - high serum iron and low ferritin 2 weeks later

After taking supplements for Vitamin D and B12 deficiency for 10 days, my Serum iron increased, ferritin decreased, blood platlets and WBC decreased compared to first blood test. Blood test was done 15 days later from first test. Is it because of B12 deficiency or impact of vitamin supplement or it is something else. I request you to please explain what could have caused it and what should I do next. I would be very thankful. Details are as below:

I had feet pain which moved upwards and more nerve tickling and stress in nerves. Muscle pain, knee pain, nerve pain and tickling. Weakness and fatigue. I got my blood tested, vitamin D was 4.1 ng/ml (correct levels 30 - 60), vitamin B12 was 183 ng/L (197 - 771). Everything else was found in good range. Hemoglobine 15.7, Hematocriet 46.7, Red bloodcell 5.25, MCV 89, MCH 29.9, MCHC 33.6, White bloodcell 7710, Blood platlets 333000, settling speed 8. Iron 89 micro gram/dl (33 - 193), Transferrin 312 (200-360), Iron binding 396 (225 - 425) , Ferritin 79 (30 - 400). CRP 0.6 mg/L (0.0 - 5.0).
After 4 days I started taking vitamin D3 weekly dose of 100000 IU and vitamin B complex where B12 was only 60 micro gram every day but high dose of B1 750 mg, B2 30 mg, B6 750 mg.  3 days later, another doctor asked me to stop B complex and gave me 1 tablet every day which has B12 500 micro gram, Folium 0.8 mg and B6 3 mg.
After 15 days from first test I had second blood test (by now I had taken total 225000 IU of Vitamin D3, 3 days of vitamin B complex and 7 days of higher B12 as mentioned above.
Now, my Vitamin D3 is 30 and B12 is 270. But Iron is very high doubled to 178, Ferritin reduced to below half to 37. Blood platlets reduced to 266000, WBC reduced to 6400. Hemoglobin reduced to 14.7. Test mentioned mild degree of anisocytosis & poikilocytosis with majority of cells are normocytic normochromic. No nucleated RBC seen. No parasite seen. Liver function, kidney function and thyroid functions are normal.
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