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Weird fainting, blackouts

So I don't know if these episodes are just random isolated occurrences or what. I've gone to my PCP and she thinks its nothing but it keeps happening. Im a healthy active 25 year old woman. For the past 5 months ive experiences these strange, unexplainable, black out fainting episodes. The only medication I take is 30mg vyvance in the morning, 75mg trazadone at night for sleep, then ocella for birth control. I also take multi viamins b12, zinc. So these only have occurred at night and ive found a slight common factor. I get these weird sleeping fazes for maybe one week every 5-6 weeks where I have trouble staying asleep for a couple nights. I go to bed at 930-1030 every night. Usually sleep 8 hours a night but when this faze happens I just don't sleep at all. So the first time it happened it was at 230am I had to get up to go to the bathroom and as soon as I woke up I instantly felt extremely nauseated and dizzy, got up out of bed walked a couple steps then my eyes blacked out, waited a couple sec for them to come back walked into the bathroom sat down still feeling like im about to throw up. went pee sat there for a min to see if I was going to throw up didn't felt a little better got up walked back to my bed, before I got there my eyes blacked out again and I fainted.  As soon as I hit the floor I regained consciousness. Went back in bed with really bad cold sweats and feeling dizzy. The next day I didn't go to the doctor but I went to my local pharmacy and took my blood pressure and It was 132-90 usually its 120/80. So then following that I went back to sleeping good and normally then about 2 months later it happened again, and it was during that weird sleeping faze where I couldn't sleep even tho im taking my trazadone at the same time and same dose every night. This time was a little different. I had to get up to go pee. So I got up (didn't feel nauseated at the time) walked a little bit eyes blacked out waited for them to come back felt dizzy got to the bathroom feeling really weird, couldn't breathe well. I was sitting on the toilet half asleep my heart beating erratically and I remember telling my self to take a deep breathe and I couldn't It was almost as someone was holding my neck so I could only get small gasps of air. feeling slightly nauseous got done peeing stood up to walk out and then blackout and fainted. and again as soon as I hit the floor I regained consciousness and went to my bed following bad cold sweats and not right. After this one I did call my pcp and got in a week and a half later. She didn't know what could be causing it but since I had chest pain and couldn't breath she ordered me to use a holter heart monitor for 1 week. During that week no episodes happened it was acyally one of the weeks I slept good. Results came back as ventricular trigeminy and Bigeminy. She said nothing to worry about and to follow up if it happened again. Well last night it almost happened again. This week I have not been sleeping well, got up last night to pee and didn't feel nauseous. walked a couple feet eyes went black started to feel dizzy and knew this was about to happen so I immideatly layed down flat on the floor and got bad cold sweats felt nauseous. But after a while it did go away literally sat up for like a solid 10 min before actually getting up and went to the bathroom and then went back to bed. I don't know whats going on or why this is happening. I don't do drugs I occasionally drink alcohol. I drink a ton of water a day exercise 4 time a weeks. I also try to drink as little as possible when its around bedtime so I wont feel the need to get up and use the bathroom but I do have to drink when I take my night time medicine. Any ideas? My pcp doesn't know and doesn't seem to concerned. Maybe I shouldn't me either but I know this isn't normal
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