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Weird reaction to coffee

I keep having really weird reaction to drinking coffee, which I can't really explain.
I don't drink much coffee, only one cup and not every day and I usually drink white coffee or latte macchiato, so it's not even that strong. But when I drink it I often get dizzy, sometimes (when I drink more than one cup) it gets so bad that I need to lie down. I first thought that the dizziness might be caused by coffein induced tachycardis but when I checked my pulse it was completely normal. Also my lymph nodes (directly under my ears) start hurting and feel a bit swollen.

Can someone explain why I have this reaction? Is there something like a coffee allergy?

It would be logical to just stop drinking coffee but I still just really want to find out what the cause could be.
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I'll let you know what the cardiologist says. :)
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I am almost 100% certain that you have mitral valve.  It's more common then we are told, and effects mostly women.   Murmurs are typically the reason for the diagnosis  and most docs know they are there and never say anything.  I was engaged to a doc for many years and he said that he hears them all the time and says nothing since they are harmless and there is no treatment for them.  The only true side effect they have are heart palpitations with caffeine.
So, we have diagnosed you!   Do get it checked out tho, just for piece of mind.
Let me know the outcome
Thanks.    Kim
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Hello Kim :)

It's really interesting that you mention mitral valve prolapse since I have an appointment with a cardiologist scheduled for the next month because of a heart murmur my doctor noticed a few weeks ago. I read that such a murmur may in some cases by attributed to a mitral valve prolapse but I never considered that those symptoms I experience when drinking coffee could be related to this. (Still, I don't even know if something like this might be the origin of my heart murmur, so this is just speculation anyway...)
The thing is, I tolerate tea and soda and any other thing containing caffeine just fine. But since the amount of caffeine in coffee is much higher, this might not mean anything.
I don't trink any alcohol, though, so I can't say anything about that...
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Coffee does not agree with me also.  I don't experience swollen nodes, but do get all the other symptoms you are referring to.  I believe it's either an allergy or sensitivity to caffeine, not coffee.  Should it be the same for you there are other products with caffeine that I avoid.  Wine and cheese also have a component that is very similar to caffeine as well.   Have you ever had a few glasses of wine, and the next morning you experience skipped beats?
Red wine seems to be worse.  I did see a Doc about my situation and he said many have this.   Mitral valve prolapse makes you more symptomatic.   In conclusion, this is very common and not life threatening.  Coffee, tea, sodas with caffeine ( Mt Dew is the worst) chocolate, and wine and cheese tend to be the culprits.   There are varying degrees, so perhaps use the process of elimination and see how it works for you.
Hope this Helps
BTW Decaf does the same thing!
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You might be hypersensitive to caffeine  I believe one of the side effects of caffeine is dizziness, although I've never experienced it. And I don't want too as I love my coffee!! :-)
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