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What can cause head and face pressure?

I’m a 33 year old male. For the last few months I have suffered from pain in my left arm, hand and fingers. Needle type pain in my face. Brain fog and pressure sensations in my head. Occasional nausea. I get sharp headaches that last only a couple of seconds. I have developed bad anxiety a little before these symptoms and I’m sure it doesn’t help. CT scan came back clean but it will be a while before I can have an MRI. I have had a lower back surgery before for bulging discs. Could my symptoms be a new back or disc problem instead of scary head problems?
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Hello~I would continue to bother the doctor and tell them how you feel, sometimes, they will make exceptions and put you ahead of others that maybe are not as much as an emergency.

It definitely sounds "nerve" related, they can cause the numbness, etc that you are having, so probably the neurologist is the best place to start.

Another thought, it is a small possibility that your issues could be caused by a TMJ. (Temporomandibular joint) problem, they, too, can cause the numbness and facial tingling.
Perhaps seeing an orthodontist might be of benefit as well.
Here are just three of the symptoms:
◦Frequent headaches or earaches on one side
◦Dull aching pain in the face
◦Numbness or tingling in the face/neck region

I hope you get some help and relief soon.
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Hm.  not sure and you've asked this of your doctor?  How are your sinuses?  I do think a bad headache, bit of pins and needles, etc. can be due to neck pain which can be due to back pain. Do NOT go to a chiropractor at this point. They are trained but not medically speaking at this point with your symptoms, I would make sure to see an MD doctor first for full evaluation.  
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I have seen my doctor. He just referred me to a neurologist but it will be two months before I see him because he is overbooked.
Argh. I hate that.  Get on their wait list because things do often open up sooner than a scheduled appointment.  If you call every Monday, they may move you to the top to fit in. :>)  Squeaky wheel gets the oil and all that.  So, the doctor is thinking this is nerve related? No issues with sinuses?
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