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What can cause only GGT to be high in a blood test?

My mother in her 50s has gotten a few blood tests done recently, that showed GGT varying from the 60s to 100s. A blood test right before this rise showed normal GGT but high serum creatine (it was high enough that if it was used to estimate glomerular filtration, it would have indicated renal failure). Since creatine was so high, she got another test right after to make sure, and the levels returned to completely normal but her GGT levels were elevated. Ever since then, her GGT readings have been elevated but everything else has been normal.

My mother has not shown any noticeable symptoms of renal or kidney issues but she does have some damage on her esophagus from years ago (and she has had blood tests that were fine with this issue) that the doctor believes could turn into Barrett's esophagus, so she is on a PPI for that. She also has atrial fibrillation from what the doctor believes is a congenital condition but the doctor thinks it isn't serious and only put her on a beta blocker to slow her heart rate a little. Also, I don't think it's relevant, but just in case... her pap smear from this year also tested positive for HPV.

The doctor doesn't seem to be worried about the GGT readings but I feel it would be unusual to have those readings if nothing was wrong. I'm also worried that having a sustained high GGT would be bad for her later on even if nothing else is wrong because I have read a lot of journal articles that say it increases the risk of mortality from any cause.

What I'm hoping to get from asking this question is if anyone has had a similar problem what happened, or if anyone knows what could be causing this since the doctors don't seem to be interested in investigating it. Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks guys!
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Hello~Has her GP checked her for diabetes or pancreatitis? Also, is her cholesterol elevated. Some of these issues can also cause an increase in the GGT levels. Also, does she have any known food allergies?
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Hi, thanks for answering.

She hasn't been checked for diabetes or pancreatitis, that sounds like something we could look into.

Her cholesterol is a bit high but not overly so, but it is good to know that might be the cause.

Can food allergies affect GGT? She does keep mentioning that she thinks she is allergic to something that is causing the issues, but she has no idea what it could be.
Hello~It is a good idea to check for blood sugar disorders; the liver is connected to the release of sugar, and if she is having issues, either high or low, this can cause a flucuation in the liver function numbers.

High cholesterol is a cause, but it would have to be very high and the other lipids raised as well.

Yes, food allergies can cause all kinds of health issues. They put a strain on your body as it is trying to "fight" the allergen, thus, causing the liver to produce more enzymes as well. Have her avoid certain foods that she thinks may be the cause, do each one for a week, then,gradually add them back, if she starts to feel badly again, this will be a good indication that she is allergic or sensitive to that particular food. Also, if she is allergic gluten, she possibly will have issues as well.

To keep her liver healthy, I would recommend taking a liver herb called "Milk Thistle" and also "Dandelion" root. You can get these in capsule form at any good health food store or on-line through a reputable company called "I-Herb". These herbs are great for supporting the liver and detoxing it at well.
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It can be elevated because of medications or drinking alcohol within 24 hours of the test. It's also a very sensitive test, and unless it's sustained, it seems the doctor is correct in not being concerned. How high was it?

This is usually used with the ALP to determine liver damage, not really for kidney or renal issues.

I hope it's temporary, and that she gets to feeling better soon!
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Thanks for the response. She doesn't drink alcohol and she has had 3 blood tests over about half a year where it has been elevated. The readings were over 100 in 2 of the tests. Her ALP seems to be normal as well.
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