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What's causing my peripheral (leg) edema?

My legs and feet have been swollen for about 10 months now, more pronounced within the last 2 months.

Both legs are swollen, but the left one is more noticeable.


1) I wake up to pee about 3 times, on average, every night.

2) No indentation when I press on swelling.

3) I noticed when I walk barefoot that it looks like there is jello under my skin, the way it giggles (very slightly) from the impact of my foot hitting the ground.

I do consume a lot of sodium, nothing crazy though.
My diet consists of mostly animal protein (in the form of boiled eggs), and complex carbs (white rice, noodles, white bread), sauce (mayonnaise), pastry, coffee, fruit juice. And that's about all of my diet. It's always sorta been that way so I don't think it's diet related.


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Hello, it could be due to your thyroid, I noticed that the level was not in the normal range, also, even though the blood sugar is "normal", it still could be a blood sugar issue. I would have a A1C test done, this test your blood sugars for the last three months.

I would definitely see a doctor as soon as possible.
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I did do A1C. It's there at the bottom of the page (image).
Sorry, yes, I just now saw it, it is high normal, however, this still could be some contributing factor in the issues you are having. Some labs don't like the numbers over 5.6.
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specialmom said:
"Or eat a bunch of cabbage for the diuretic effect."

Yep. Or celery seed tea, which might be more concentrated. Or foods such as: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/diet-nutrition/a20707480/natural-diuretics/

It seems worth a try, without going to a thiazide or loop diuretic.
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Radz, have you had a chronic infection? Your CBC is unusual, especially with the high eosinophils.

Do you ever have unusual skin reactions?
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So, you've been to the doctor about this, correct?  Retaining water in lower legs is not uncommon and can happen for some serious reasons but also non serious reasons as well.  Even just sitting in one place for too long can cause it.  But I would imagine they will run some tests. Kidney issues are well known for this as well as issues with the heart like congestive heart failure.  That you don't have pitting or indentations when pressing is a good sign.  It's not uncommon for legs to swell slightly unevenly so wouldn't worry about that aspect.  You could perhaps try a low sodium diet.  Or eat a bunch of cabbage for the diuretic effect. But I wouldn't do too much without a doctor guiding you.  When do you follow up to go over your report? https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/leg-swelling/basics/causes/sym-20050910
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I'm going over there report here. I did the tests on my own and looking for feedback. Can't go to the doctor because there are none around me at the moment. I'm overseas. I had to mail the specimen.
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