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What’s happening to me

About 2 months ago i was sitting watching tv and someone from the census knocked on the door so I stood up  and made my way to the door and he asked if I could answer some questions for him, so I did but about after a few minutes I felt cold and started getting dizzy and sweaty and I couldn’t control my balance and slowly slid and  collapsed on the ground shaking,my head felt hot but also cold and sweaty my ears were ringing and I was losing my vision, and trying to catch my breath and ab a minute after it all of a sudden just stopped I don’t know what happened but its been happening sporadically since and normally only last about 1-2 minutes when it happens. Am I dying? Is there any way to treat it? I’m only 18 but my family has some hereditary problems like high blood pressure but I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing it. Somebody please tell me what this could be?
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Could you have low blood sugar? That's how I feel when my blood sugar plummets.  What happens if you eat something?  Feel better?  My son also has low blood sugar and he is aware of signs and eats something really quick to offset it.  Otherwise, you should talk to your parents about this.  No, you are not likely to be dying.  And it is very doubtful you have high blood pressure at your young age.  BP when high usually causes headache and floating things in your vision, not what you describe and frankly, is usually silent.  However, my younger son had a summer of passing out due to dehydration, lack of eating properly so his doctor said it was orthostatic hypotension.  NOT dangerous other than an injury from falling.  Paying attention to his hydration, eating and having hi get up slowly has prevented it.  
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Thank you, I was just worried because when I looked up the symptoms I had a few of the first results were stroke, arithmia and a few others like tumors, whiteouts(etc. I’m glad it’s not life threatening but I just have a strange feeling about it, I drink around 6 or 7 bottles of water a day but I can believe the low blood sugar part, the only time I eat or drink sweets is when my parents have enough spare money to get us something but it’s usually not much( single pack snack cakes, fun size candy bars) but it’s only because money’s been tight since the pandemic and we try not to dip too deep into what we have left over after bills, and groceries. But I’m sure I could figure out a way to better my blood sugar levels. Thank you for your time I appreciate it.
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Hello~It sounds like low blood sugar, but to be safe, I would tell your folks and see your GP, if he/she thinks it is serious, he/she will probably order some tests or even refer you to a neurologist.
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