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What's wrong with me? Seasonal allergies, viral/bacterial infection?

Be aware that I'm writing this while not feeling 100% and am pretty out of it. Apologies for any rambling. So... I have felt terribly since Sunday (it's Friday now). I have had body aches, specifically in my legs and arms. And a headache that comes and goes, but is usually here to stay and leaves me dazed. I end up having to lie down a lot as I'm just too tired to work or exercise. It wasn't till late yesterday did my neck gland start to swell a bit. They're tender. I looked into my throat and didn't see any white patches either. Just swollen and redness. I am no stranger to throat problems either. I'm in Texas where rain was severe for a while, and a lot of mold was left behind from that. That could explain my chronic nasal congestion since May. Last week, my PCP prescribed me amoxicillin clavulanate potassium for what we think is a sinus infection. Yet my nasal discharge is either clear or white (due to dairy consumption?).

So a rundown of my current symptoms
- Headache
- Muscle/body aches (specifically in thighs, arms, legs, and lower back)
- Stiff neck, stiff shoulders for the last couple of weeks
- Stomach cramps
- Swollen neck lymph nodes
- Hurts to swallow, but not as much as it did earlier today
- Canker sore on gums that lasted about 2-3 days
- Temporary body sweats but NO fever

About my lifestyle:
- I'm 32, work in my mother's restaurant basically by myself (along with her and my dad). It's not a big place and it's generally not too busy. My mother had a stroke and my stepdad died so I take care of things like bills, medical stuff, legal, etc. My brothers don't help out, and I don't have any friends at the moment. Too busy to be social.

- I run 30 minutes, 6x week on an indoor treadmill. After, I drink a sugar-free rehydration powder mixed with water.

- I generally didn't cheese or milk products for the last few years but recently started up again because of dental issues (I read enzymes in some cheeses help your teeth). I previously took supplements for calcium/vit. D/magnesium. Stopped taking those since I didn't want to go over my daily need.

- Refrain from refined sugar snacks like candy, ice cream, cookies, cakes, etc. Don't drink fruit juices either.

- Just bought an Oral B electric toothbrush about a week ago, and switched from my regular Jason fluoridated toothpaste to Sensodyne because of sensitivity issues. Also been using a fluoride rinse, which I gargle for 1 minute at night immediately after brushing my teeth (I use a big glob of toothpaste since the head on the Oral B brush is kind of small). I don't rinse my mouth out with water after each task.

- Have been using an oral irrigator to "floss" my teeth. Use it with distilled water for at least 2x day.

- I have a big cavity in one of my bicuspids. Dentist plans on either filling it if it doesn't need a root canal. I don't have an abscess or feel much pain from it (it's not numb to feeling either), but I'd rather not do a root canal. I'd prefer if it was drilled then filled.

- Hurt my jaw while oil pulling (to clean my gums) 2-3 weeks ago. Gave up after 3 tries because my jaw was hurting a lot and it was very sore. The right side of my jaw hurts just a bit whenever I move my head in a certain way so it could still be recovering from that issue. It's not as sore as it once was.

All of this is why I'm so confused about what's going on with me. My theories:

- Flu or cold? No fever, though. And no colored drainage.

- Strep? No white spots in my mouth. And I'm already taking an antibiotic for a supposed sinus infection.

- Too much fluoride? I read some (albeit questionable) sites that said excess fluoride intake could cause headaches, stomach issues, and joint pain. I mean, I used a lot of toothpaste and rinsed with an all-natural fluoride rinse for the last two or so weeks, but that couldn't be enough to be toxic, right? I didn't use any fluoride today - just some xylitol paste. Still feel sick.

- Low blood sugar? Like I said, I don't eat refined sugars. I thought that maybe I was weak so I ate some Kashi bars and a muffin bar with unsweetened applesauce. Topped it off with a glass of chocolate cashew and almond milk. Yet I still had a headache and my legs ached. Oh, and I ate spaghetti - marinara has a lot of sugar from tomatoes.

- Stress? Okay, I get that stress can manifest in strange ways, but this seems out of the ordinary.

- Not enough or too much of some vitamin/supplement? Did I overdo it with calcium when I resumed dairy?

I apologize profusely for this really random, hypochondria ridden message. Money is very tight right now, and I already went to the doctor so I don't know if I can afford another visit. Plus there are my approaching dental fees, and I'm saving up to pay my mom's property taxes, mortgage, house insurance, etc. So any help would be appreciated as I'm miserable now and am feeling lost.
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