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When It’s Too Much

I weigh 132 and recently started taking Vitamin C 500 mg supplements. Is 500 mg a day too much? Only conditions I have is Asthma and HSV2
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Yes, I agree that this is not too much vitamin C. Now, I personally just take a good multi vitamin rather than breaking it out and that typically is enough for most people. But up to 2000 mg a day is considered safe for vitamin C.  Getting proper sleep and a healthy overall diet also aid in fighting off illness.  
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Hello~That amount is perfectly safe, and in fact, it is good you are taking at least that amount as it will help to build your immune system.  I take at least 1000mg a day just for general health, and when I am sick, I take over 5000mg a day. You see, Vitamin C is water soluble and your body will excrete what it doesn't need. Most mammals produce their own vitamin C, man, however, doesn't so the need for Vitamin C in supplement form is important. My favorite way to take it is in "Crystals" it is easier to assimilate and gets in the blood stream faster, make sure it is "buffered" as this will help to prevent any tummy discomfort.

I would also like to suggest that you add a good, high potency Bioflavonoid complex to this, the bioflavanoids work synergetically with the Vitamin C, thus giving even more benefits, such as stronger capillaries.

Here is an excellent article on Vitamin C and its benefits:
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WOW! Thank you for responding and the helpful tips given.
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