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Which Plantar Fasciitis Shoes are good for Womens?

About 3 months ago, My Mother started having a lot of problems with feet. I took her to the podiatrist, who diagnosed her with plantar fasciitis/spur. Unfortunately, this diagnosis didn't do much to help relieve the constant foot pain she was experiencing. Her invested hundreds of dollars in insoles. She tried the foot exercises. She tried ice packs. Podiatrist recommend her to wear Plantar Fasciitis shoes to relief some pain and walk easily. I need your suggestion which type of shoes better for her.
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I did an online search for shoes and found many sites such as:

Just tell me which one is best for him to relief pain.
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In my opinion, none.  I had this and it was a fairly long process to get rid of it.  once prone to it, it can flare up again.  I had insoles and good shoes both and different ones that I tried.  I finally ditched the insoles altogether.  I'm healed.  What did it for me is stretching my calves.  It often stems from this believe it or not.  Also, take a tennis ball and have her roll her heel and area that hurts on the ball.  It kind of hurts and feels good at the same time.  Ibuprofen is also supposed to be taken.  Ice it.  Try something like arnica (bought over the counter, holistic medicine that comes in a cream) and salon pas which are menthol stick ons that I've come to love.  Lastly, have her take her foot and push the heel into something hard like a stair step to kind of 'break up' the area.  That tip was given to me as a massage therapist.  Oh ya, massage the area as well.  I had PF from last July until late November.  It was a big huge pain in my butt and I'd hobble every morning when I got up and throughout the day.  Ditching the insoles was a huge help because I actually think they aggravated things.  

Let me know how it goes. good luck
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