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Why am I suddenly so dizzy?

37 year old fit male, 150 pounds. Over the past week and a half, I've become pretty dizzy out of nowhere. Haven't been on any new meds lately. It is like my head makes me dizzy when I move it around. I fee like a bobblehead. It feels like a weight on my head and like it is throwing the rest of my body off or something. I also get this odd stiff feeling on the back of my head/neck, and also below each ear in the middle of the neck. It is like a "tightness" feeling or something. Sometimes I get a headache or feel a little nauseous. Other times I get cold-like sensations in random places on the front, top or back of my head. I get the same cold sensations sometimes on my upper back in random places. My body feels shaky/jittery all over. Even laying down when involved in sexual activity...upon orgasm, it feels like I'm going to faint. Never had that problem before. Nothing new has changed in my life.
I have had Gastritis for about 1.5 months. I was on Pantoprazole (Protonix) for that time. I just got switched over a couple of days ago to Nexium 40mg twice a day. My GI doc was trying to figure out where my dizziness suddenly came from and we're not sure. It's still there even on the Nexium. He did order blood work, which I'll do first thing Monday morning. No dizziness issues before until recently, so I don't think it is the meds. An Upper Endoscopy by a GI doc revealed a swollen stomach for no known reason. They did a biopsy of the stomach that came back negative for cancer and H. Pylori.
I do have sleep problems. Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome with an RDI of 18, so my airways narrow at night and wake my brain up through a lot of RERAs. In this case, up to 18 times an hour. I've apparently had that for most of my life and planning to get it treated soon, so I don't think it is that making me dizzy.
It feels like something is low in my body - vitamin/mineral, maybe. I also feel like I have heart palpitations or speeding up/slowing down heart rate sometimes, my blood pressure is up sometimes in the 130's or 140's/80ish and that is temporary. When I wake up virtually every morning, I feel a "pressure" in my face. Some days it looks a little red on my cheeks and face. No one so far can tell me what causes this. It does it even when my blood pressure is 120/80 with a normal pulse rate.

What could I be low on? Could this be Benign Position Vertigo? Should I go see an ENT doc?
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Hello~I can understand your concern, I, too, have been having vertigo since January and to my knowledge there is no reason for it. I have asked my doctor and chiropractor, both say it is anxiety and BPPV. I would see an ENT and ask for instructions on how to do the Epley maneuver, this has been known to stop vertigo almost instantly. I have done it  a few times, it helps some, but for me, my anxiety is also adding to it making it even worse.

I hope you feel better soon, dizziness is miserable.
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I'm actually thinking it is POTS - Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Someone suggested it to me on another sleep-related site. It is likely caused by my Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (sort of like sleep apnea, but instead of stopping breathing, your airway just narrows all night and wakes up) that wakes me up every 30-35 minutes all night long. The "cure" is usually a titrated BiPap machine that gets rid of my RERA's.

Essentially, my body is going haywire from poor sleep.
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