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Why have I had an infection in my ear for 11 years straight?

I've been trying to get to the bottom of this and I've asked on other forums but got no replies. I am hoping to get some replies here.

I am 25. For 11 years straight, I have had problems with my right ear since I got an ear infection after a bout of flu. In recent years however my symptoms have worsened exponentially and it is getting me very concerned.

The ringing in my right (bad) ear is constant. I get episodes of ear pain which rivals that of wisdom tooth pain - enough to make me physically cringe. Something I feel like is a big clue to all this is my symptoms reduce to around 10% after I have slept - as in, lied down on my left side (the side I normally sleep on) motionless for 8 hours. I will go into a quiet room and the tinnitus is barely even there, but shortly after, it will come back again, and so will the balance problems, pain, and the inability (or extreme difficulty) to pop my right ear.

My hearing is normal and an MRI revealed no lesions. I have been seeing doctors about my ear since 2017 now, and pretty much every time they look into my right ear, there is something abnormal about it. It is either ''retracted'', ''very dull'', or there's loads of fluid behind my eardrum.

My balance problems and tinnitus are worst at night, or whenever I have been up for a long time. I cannot balance on one leg at all now, or I fall over. I've tried. When I was younger I could balance on one leg with no problems at all. Nasal sprays don't seem to do anything.

One doctor mentioned grommets, but nothing was done. I've been referred to one of the top ENT's in the country but I've been left in the dark about that and I have no idea when I will see him. My doctor recently prescribed me sedatives for my ear a week ago, but they do not help much with the ringing. She said if they aren't working, then I should call the clinic to talk to her over the phone.

Another thing that is concerning me are personality changes and feeling unwell all the time. I always feel lethargic, and my white blood cell count was low last time I had a neutrophil blood test. I also find myself feeling very restless and irritable so I'm wondering if this could be related to my ear.

I would very much appreciate answers as this has caused me so much depression and misery throughout my teenage years and now my adult years. I cannot get a job or work because I cannot sleep.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. We are very sorry you have had this problem and for so long.  We are also glad you are working with doctors and encourage you to keep at it although I'm sure it has been frustrating to not have answers of resolution to this problem in all this time.  Being referred typically means that you can call and make your own appointment.  I would work with the office that referred you by calling them and asking them if you should make the appointment now or if they need to fax something to the insurance company/the doctor they are referring you to. But don't wait.  You can be proactive as they may not follow up if you don't.

I hope that the specialist can get to the bottom of it.  With your symptoms, have they evaluated you for Meniere's disease? https://www.medicinenet.com/meniere_disease/article.htm
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Hello~I am so sorry you are experiencing all these awful issues. I would think that some of your not feeling well would be due to the stress of the ear issues. You certainly have had it long enough.

Some ear issues can be due to hidden food allergies, have you been tested for any allergies in general?

Also, some can be due to misplaced vertebrae in your neck, I had ear-aches all my growing up years, my mom took me to the chiropractor, he worked on my ear and neck, and within a day, it was cleared, I was scheduled to have my ear drum lanced,but didn't have to. It would be worth a try.

I hope you get relief soon.

There are also some supplements that can help such as a good, high potency B complex with the emphasis on Niacin, there have been reports that Niacin has helped clear up Meniere's disease.
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