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Worried about blood in my stool.

I am a 40 year old male. I have had blood in my stool the last couple of times I have gone. It was only a little the first time, but this last one it was more, including on toilet paper. I must add that I have had heavy stool both times that I have had to strain to push out, so I’m hoping that was the cause. After a few wipes the blood was gone. My diet hasn’t changed much other than I have cut down and have been drinking more water to try to lose weight (I am overweight). I will admit it’s also not always the healthiest eating, but I haven’t eaten anything unusual. I have been exercising more too. I I must also add that I have a large kidney stone that I have yet to be removed, but I don’t know if that can be connected. I don’t want to go to the doctor unless I absolutely have to because I plan on going out of town for a couple of weeks tomorrow. Should I be worried?
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Hi just a student here. If it’s bright red, it is most likely an anal fissure (or tear in the anus). If it is dark blood that can be another underlying problem. However I think it is important to note whether the blood is surfacing on top of the feces or if it is inside the feces.

Is there any abnormal sensation in your rectum? It could be a hemorrhoid which can happen from large bowel movements or stress. If you’re trying to save a buck and avoid the doctor… if you starting having feces that look like coffee grains or throwing up blood, or running a fever go to the ER. Other than that schedule an appointment with an internal medicine doctor after your trip and they most likely will suggest to do a colonoscopy.

Hope this helps.

Pre-Med Student with a brother who is in his 3rd year of medical school, a mom who is a nurse (RN), and a step-father who is an advanced paramedic.  
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Hello~Any time you see blood in the stool, it should be checked, it could be nothing, but then again, it could be polyps that can develop into cancer. I only saw blood on the TP when I cleaned after having a BM, but then I took an FIT (stool test you can do at home and then mail in) and it showed occult blood. I was pretty shook up when the nurse called me and told me. I had a colonoscopy and I had 3 or polyps, one was not cancer related, the others were "non-cancerous" but had the prospect of turning into cancer as they showed "low-grade dysplasia" meaning the cells would eventually turn into cancer, how long it would take, I don't know. I am so glad I had the procedure, I didn't want to at first, but if I had waited, cancer could have definitely been found. It takes normally 10 years for a polyp to turn into cancer, if it is prone to that, some never do however.

So please, get this checked, it is very important for your health now and later on as you get older.
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