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Would like to understand my results

Wanted to know if any body can help me understanding my results went to Er for pain upper left side abdomen that comes towards my back flank pain on both sides and chest pain
Troponin low 0.012
Mchc low 31.7
Lymphocytes high 43.7
Absolute lymphocytes cbc high 4.28
Absolute monocytes Cbc high 0.86
Absolute eosinophils cbc low 0.09
D-dimer 0.65 high
Urine ketones 5mg high
Urine specific gravity 1.031 high
Urine protein 30 mg high
Urine mucus high
Urine Rbc high 5-10
Bun/creatinine 22 high
Chloride 108 mmol. High
Globulin 3.7 high
Albumin/globulin 1.1 low

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