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Yellowish spot on right side of tongue for a few days, with severe anxiety.

So I am suffering from very bad kind of health anxiety for 3 months (which came back a week ago after about a months rest); lastly due to something happening in my lips. At the same time I am taking 2 antibiotics thrice a day due to sore throat.
4-5 days ago I noticed a scratchy feeling on the right side of my tongue. I noticed around the middle of the tongues length there is a reddish patch, like cracks (no bleeding). Then I stopped noticing it, but the scratcyness was there. Now last 2-3 days, that area seems kinda yellowish, and I think when I stretch my tongue out to the left side that mark goes kinda blackish.
I lightly pressed that area yesterday and it seemed the colour going back to normal, and back to yellowish when pressure released.
I will go see my ENT doc after 6 days. Can anyone here tell me what this is?
My health anxiety is killing me periodically.
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Hello~I doubt if it is serious, but it is always wise to have issues that are of concerned, checked by your physician, I am glad you are doing this.

I truly think that it could possibly be due to a condition called "Candida" Candida can be caused by taking too many antibiotics as the antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria in our system, thus, causing issues with our gut, this in turn can cause oral thrush or other types of fungal infections. If it is Candida, then you need to get a good, probiotic at a health food store to replace the "friendly" bacteria that has been lost, also, avoid all sugars and yeast. You should start to notice a difference in a week or so.
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