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adenovirus? sick for a month even with doctors

On June 24th I got infected from a pool with what doctors now think is the adenovirus and it started out as epidmic keratoconjunctivitus. That night I was with my boyfriend and didn't shower before we had intercorse and have not seen him since . I got pink eye on symptoms on the 27th while my boyfriend got a GI infection followed by the conjuctivitus a week later. my eyes took 17 days to clear and his eyes are still infected. They diagnosed him with the adenovirus and apparently it has spread throughout his entire body. He currently has  GI infection, the conjucitvitus, throat infection, sever abdomen pain, sweats, chills, fever, blisters and sores inside and outside his body. His whole body is in pain and the docs keep running test but he has gets worse everyday. I have looked up all these symptoms and maybe his body is having a reaction to the antibiotics ? a friend told me Cytokine storm...which scares me to death...please help me understand what is going on....I am scared for him and am finally 100% back to health myself. I have gotten another friend sick and she just had a 14 day pinkeye and a cold like me
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I hope that this helps.

(Ad14) is termed the killer cold virus because of the high incidence of hospitalizations and deaths attributed to the viral strain.
Symptoms and signs resemble those of a cold (cough, runny nose, mild fever) for about three to five days; the majority of people clear the disease, but up to about 40% may need hospitalization with severe symptoms of pneumonia, shortness of breath; other organ related symptoms may develop such as eye, bladder, and GI problems.
Treatments are mainly supportive; antivirals have been used by some clinicians but there are no studies that prove efficacy, only case reports.

You can find a full Review at the Open Consult Portal Europe.

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Hi and sorry you have been ill. I worked with Adenovirus and it usually isn't that serious unless you are immunocompromised. But I looked up the Adenovirus 14 that was sent by Sash in the last post and that strain has symptoms that parallel yours and your boyfriends. It may or may not become serious. You may still be a carrier if your other friend got it. It is transmitted like the flu. Unless you are sure it came from the pool, one of you spread it to the other one and then to your friend. You can also Google, Adenovirus 14 and look at the CDC report and other sites. It sounds like they give you antivirals and it can cause "pinkeye", gasteroentisnal and flu like symptoms, even pneumonia. It is not just a case of pinkeye, it is adenovirus serotype 14 that would cause these additional symptoms not the usual bacteria or viruses that cause pinkeye.
Hope you all feel better soon.
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the doctors are refusing to say or even test that its (ad14) he has  puenmonia now and other horrible ****...and i donno what they're testing but my heart hurts...the docotors arent taking this serious and i am dying on the inside
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I'm so sorry for  what is going on. They do serotyping at the CDC, but it takes forever. But they should be able to treat this with anti virals if they think it is adenovirus. But since it is a new or emerging strain it may be somewhat resistant or even changed. Again I am sorry. I hope he can pull out of this.
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He is now with an infectious disease specialist at UMC so at least he is in as good of hands as he can be...hes not doing so good but I feel that they are doing everything possible and taking it serious. He went from 2 infections to its current stage in a matter of days.  It had rapidly spread and I pray he can get through this...for some reason my mind wants to blame me even though i know its not my fault.
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Hi and I'm glad he is with an infectious disease specialist. They are so good for this type of problem. I worked for one for  a while. I know it is our human nature to blame ourselves but it isn't your fault.  I talked to a friend who worked for the CDC and he said that Adenovirus 14 and I think 44 are called the American SARS virus. But it doesn't usually spread quite as badly like the real SARS virus. They call it that since it has the same symptoms Severe acute respiratory syndrome if I remember the acronym correctly. They will probably treat it similarly. I sure hope he can pull though.I'm glad you and your friend didn't get the severe disease. Well, take care and try to get rest and try not to blame yourself.
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