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bladder infection symptoms but no bacteria

I need help figuring out what is wrong with me - I am a 19 year old female with no history of bladder infections or problems with urination. One evening I suddenly got pains in my lower back, legs and pelvic area -these symptoms came on within half an hour. They were not very severe although I did need to take some ibuprofen to get to sleep. The next day most of this pain has gone and has not really come back since, I could only feel slight pain in genital/pelvic area. I went to the doctor's this day and they took a urine sample, thinking that I had possibly developed a urinary infection. No infection was found but I was still given a 3 day course of antibiotics because of the lower abdominal pain and slight pressure on the left side. The day after this I noticed that I needed to go to the toilet a lot quicker than I usually would- I can normally wait 4 hours before feeling the need to go. I was drinking more water to get rid of a supposed infection so that may have increased the frequency. However, the antibiotics did not work. I still had to urinate soon after drinking anything and my bladder even hurt one morning. I was put on a different 7 day antibiotic 2 days ago by another doctor who said I will need to have blood tests to see what is irritating my bladder. I am drinking normal amounts and yet my bladder always feels full, even after I have gone to the toilet there is still slight pressure in my bladder. Today I can still feel the slight pressure and I also have a back pains and pains in my legs and thighs. At no point have I had pain or burning during urination or blood in the urine. I have also had no constipation and get it rarely as it is.

What could have caused these symptoms to come on so quickly and out of the blue? I have no STD's, a healthy diet and I doubt that any anxiety or long-term disorder could have caused these symptoms literally overnight.
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I think it's coming from your back or else you might have interstitial cystitis.  
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Thanks for your reply. I have not considered interstitial cystitis because the symptoms came on rapidly and not after many uti's which did not go away which seems to be the trend reading the forums- don't know if that's right.
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Consider doing an Abdominal Ultrasound to eliminate Renal stones and other systemic causes, which also cause similar symptoms.Undergo a physical examination of abdomen and genital area to rule out all possible differentials.

If antibiotics does not help and pain subsides on Ibuprofen,since flushing away of smaller stones from ureter to bladder,finally into urine causes such radiating pain of lower back,thighs and dysuria or haematuria.

Interstitial Cystitis could be also one of the causes but it is a chronic condition which should be ruled out clinically as Dysuria and Sterile urine reports suggest that and cystoscopy hydrodistention test,USG confirms it.Urinary frequency is more narrow (10 mins),urgency or urinary urge incontinence more worse, which is much flexible in case of renal stones.Pain is mostly in pelvic region or over pubes (exit of bladder),but as you mention unilateral pain on left side,it could be mostly due to smaller renal stones dislodging.

But Renal stones are more common than Interstitial Cystitis unless confirmed otherwise by undergoing efficient medical examination of History,physical exam,urinalysis,urine culture,USG,Cystoscopy etc which forms the tree of differential investigations when no renal stones are present.

Talk to your Doctor and get evaluated with correct diagnosis and treatment at a correct time.All The Best!
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I am not getting kidney pain or blood in urine but I have an appointment with my doctor as it still feels as if my bladder is full all the time.
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   You didn't say if you were drinking a lot of orange juice or lemonade which can cause a pseudo bladder infection.  The cure is mint tea.
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I have only been drinking water in normal amounts and I never drink alcohol or coffee.
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  Do you drink sodas at all?  They can be really bad for your kidneys.

    If all you drink is water, perhaps you need to filter the water or switch to distilled water.  Most of our water in the US has been contaminated. :(
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Oh, this sounds horrible for you! I would go see a urologist, or urogynecologist. It sounds like  you definitely need a specialist in this area to properly diagnose you. Too many antibiotics when there is no actual infection is not good for you either, and doctors tend to just give you an antibiotic even with no proof you need one. Not sure what state you are in, I know some really good doctors in this field! Good luck
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