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chest discomfort - ongoing saga

Summary of past 12 months. Started feeling heartbeat through chest only when lying down. My Dr. diagnosed pectoral tear and inflammation was causing the feeling. No imaging done. She prescribes lots of rest and no physical activity. I followed her directions for 3 months and problem did not go away. Although she was sure not a heart problem, I was concerned. She did EKG and Echo - both normal. Told me to keep not working out. I went to a Sports Ortho who did Xray, CT scan, and MRI - No tears, breaks, tumors, etc.. Nothing bad on any scans but the discomfort persists. On a day when I do no activity its not terrible, I just cannot sleep on my left side and I feel minor discomfort. If I even run 1 mile, the next day - not the same day, I am in discomfort all day sitting, standing, etc... At this point my Dr. says heart is fine, all imaging shows no structural distress. The only time I experienced actual pain was jumping rope and it was more underarm area than heart area and the discomfort felt daily is down the side of the chest wall, heart area.  Pulling off a sock the other day brought a very quick stabbing feeling also under the arm area. A few month ago while stretching I felt a "Charlie horse" or muscle spasm in the pectoral area.

At this point I do not know how to process in terms of even getting it diagnosed. Its been just under a year since this began and today it is no better than a year ago.  I have gained 20 lbs in the past year not being about to do anything more than walk without being in discomfort the next day. Its very frustrating and I don't even know who to go see at this point to maybe get a diagnosis.
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Hello. So sorry to hear about your problems. I will keep this short. If you have gone 1 year, with no results from your doctor helping you.......YOU NEED TO GO TO ANOTHER SPCIALIST(CARDIOLOGIST)!!! Obviously, there IS a problem of some sort. If I were you, first of all, I certainly would NOT be "exercising" AT ALL until you find out exactly what your problem is. Have you been checked for Lyme Disease at all(ticks carry it). The bottom line is......PLEASE go to another SPECILIST(CARDIOLOGIST)! NOW!!! Why did you wait a Year to go to another doctor???? I hope you listen and I will pray for you. You will be alright but get moving! Let us all know how you make out.....ok??!! Take care.      Sue
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Costochondritis is an inflammation in your chest wall cartilage and can hurt very bad because each breath moves your chest. I'd mention that to your PCP and see what she thinks about that being a possible diagnosis for you.  Especially given your active life style in exercise.  Good luck.
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