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cronic sore throat

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My 15 year old son has had a severe sore throat of and on for six months. I have really been keeping track for six months. Sometimes it is worse than others. He has had phenomia and some breathing difficulties at times. Everytime I took him to the pcp he would treat with antibiotis. It did help in the begining. I just took him to the pcp again, but this time he refused to give him any antibiotics. He said it was justa bandaide. It was viral. I knew in the past that they helped him. I cant stand to see him in pain, and this upset me. So I took him to the ER, and explained . They too would not give him an antibiotic. They did a strep test. Not sure if it was a rapid one. Took half an hour. His pcp also did a step test and a mono blood test in the office. Sometimes these rapid test do not show everything.There is a reason for these reoccuring severe sore throats. I feel there should have been more extensive blood work had a referral to a ent. I just recently called a ent doctor and scheduled an appointmeny on my own. I was told by th er doc. that it was viral and follow up with pcp,and take motrin for the pain.  We have been taking motrin and sudafed , with no relief. I am frustated that I have spent so much money, missed work and my son missing school over this. These doctors could be a little more open minded, and listen to the mother . We do know our children.
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First off, I haven't a clue as to the cause of the infection. Recurrent throat and lung infections often result from bacterial infections within the sinus cavities, however. No sooner does the infection get cleared up than the cycle starts again. Often these infections become antibiotic resistant. They are difficult to treat. Flushing the sinus cavity several times a day with saline helps. There is often a co-factor, and GERDS is one such co-factor. This is uausllay caused by lying down while eating or immediately after eating. There is often structural disorder, sometimes in the Lower Esophagal Sphincter, which leaks acid upwards which oozes into the trachea and makes the area ripe for an infection from thata sinus drip. Sinus infections often require extended antibiotic treatment, far beyond the normal seven day course. The bacteria reside within biofilms and are inaccessible to the antibiotic. Some physicians use high pressure water to flush the sinus cavities. You need an ENT evaluation. Zinc lozenges help in that they are bactricidal.
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Hi i am having a sore throat nearly for the last three months i also get some pains below both armpits and have some mild bone pains. I 've already done two hiv tests which both came out negative, last week a doctor checked my throat, she said there is no infection but a small red area and that is propably due to gastric fluids come]ing up to esophagus. When i was 12 a was suffering from esophagitis with severe burns on stomach and i was taking only simeco. Is it possible due to anxiety, some gastric fluid to affect my hroat only while no feeling any stomach burns and what about the other two symptoms i am having? Many times sore throat affects my left ear. Thanks.
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Lookup LPR which is silent reflux and it occurs most often during the day.  It takes a PPI (Prilosec...not OTC...prescription stuff) twice a day for 4-6 months to help heal the damage caused to throat and vocal cords along with diet changes.  And NO THROAT CLEARING...fight the urge to clear your throat.  Again research LPR and go see an ENT doc.
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