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do i have temporal arteritis?

I'm 23 I've been having a chronic headache for over a month about a month ago i had a unilateral headache on my right side accompanied by a swollen artery right past my hairline that i cant visibly see but i can feel with my fingers pulsating. I went to urgent care where a doctor told my i had temporal arteritis regaurdless of my age and sent me to the ER where they gave me a headache cocktail and took a ct scan which was clean but did not take a biopsy or blood and sent me home telling me it was a tension headache, unsatisfied i went to my primary who felt the artery and just told me it was tension and sent me home with instructions to take vitamin d, drink more water, and exercise to reduce stress. I have done all of these exercise makes the swelling worse so i dont like doing it because it feels uncomfortable. so its been a month nothings changed except there is not really any pain i just feel pressure where the vein is and sometimes over my eye and sometimes in my ear. sometimes there is no pressure and i feel perfectly fine other times like today it feel super uncomfortable and it gives me anxiety. I do not have a tender scalp or jaw pain or a reduced appetite i sleep just fine and my vision is fine other than sometimes my right eye can feel slightly strange sometimes, also sometimes i feel like weird tingling on my scalp in various places and feel nerve twitches in my face or fore head and weir chugging in my veins? what should i do?
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