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extream bodyache, headache..not myself.

from first week of Dec, i am having some stiff neck , severe bodyache and fatique still going on now (1/21/2011)..about 2 months..

i am having little Fever (about 99.2to 99.7) going on and off.. and after sleep it comes back normal..

i never had this kind of bodyache and fatique ..

did test on the blood.. all came ok..

i am in the process of HP c and lyme dieses, and TB..

any idea?.. i just can't go on like this...

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sounds like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to me. I would talk to your doctor about is.

People with chronic fatigue syndrome may experience a variety of signs and symptoms that come and go frequently with no identifiable pattern.

Primary signs and symptoms
Chronic fatigue syndrome has eight official symptoms, plus the central symptom that gives the condition its name:

■Loss of memory or concentration
■Sore throat
■Painful and mildly enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits
■Unexplained muscle pain
■Pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness
■Headache of a new type, pattern or severity
■Unrefreshing sleep
■Extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after physical or mental exercise
Additional signs and symptoms
In addition, people with chronic fatigue syndrome have reported other various signs and symptoms that aren't part of the official definition. These include:

■Abdominal pain
■Allergies or sensitivities to foods, alcohol, odors, chemicals, medications or noise
■Chest pain
■Chronic cough
■Dizziness, balance problems or fainting
■Dry mouth
■Irregular heartbeat
■Jaw pain
■Morning stiffness
■Chills and night sweats
■Psychological problems, such as depression, irritability, anxiety disorders and panic attacks
■Shortness of breath
■Tingling sensations
■Visual disturbances, such as blurring, sensitivity to light, eye pain and dry eyes
■Weight loss or gain
If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, your symptoms may peak and become stable early on, and then come and go over time. Some people go on to recover completely, while others grow progressively worse.

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Good start with the tests.  Have you talked to a Chiropractor? Do you sleep with more than one pillow? Are you hydrated? Have you taken anything and has it worked?
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Everything came negative.

I did go to Chiropractor, my pasture was not good he said, weight of my head(?) pushes the neck joint so that may resulted in headache bodyache..

but how about hay fever?.. he didn't know the cause..

Lyme, TB, HP and all.. its very frustrating..

Doctor says come back after a month if the condition persists.. they will do scan and some further test on me.. i am getting worried.
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