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feel sick if i dont eat right away

I been having different symptoms but when ever I get hungry everytime and don't eat right away I start to feel sick, nauses, stomach hurts start to feel light headness. I had blood work done at hospital and thyroid test, it came back fine hospital said. And every time I don't eat on time I have to lay down cause my stomach hurts and lightheadness occurs. 2years ago I had episode of nauses,lightheadness, I had to sit down on floor my vision started to blur and sounded like people were talking slow around me, felt like I almost fainted and i was weak, fills like I couldn't talk or breathe right either. And not to long ago I was standing again and started to feel nauses, vision started to blur had to sit felt very weak. Does anybody know what maybe wrong with me?
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Think my internal medicine doctor would have told me? He said my blood work was good I'm not anemic, my thyroid is good he took time to actually look at my blood work paper. Would my blood work show if I was hypoglycemia? He sent me to a infectionist, so Tuesday I will go and hopefully find out.
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Sounds like hypoglycemia to me. You need to eat regularly, and I would recommend going easy on the junk. Think of yourself as a Mercedes Benz. You need to be running Premium, and don't let the fuel get below half a tank!
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Thanks Tuesday I'm suppose go to internal medicine doctor. How would I have gotten an internal infection in digestive tract? Yea I notice the hospital people seemed like they didn't care and checked me out wrong with a machine. Il get some yam and salads but I dont take supplements or I'm not sure which one I should take without hurting me. And wouldnt an ultra sound show a infection in my stomach if I had one?
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doctors dont know everything they are only mildly book smart people anything they know can be found by you on this computer keep that in mind that they give cookie cutter answers and they concider no sinario unique which is false you can take a higher iodine supplement like 50 mg iodide and double up on your vitamins also eat more yams they have a happy hormone and dark green salads make sure you keep hydrated that can help and to detoxify use epsum salts  in hot water to drink or in hot grape juice for flavor this helps cleanse and sooth inner tissues but stay by a bath room thats really all i can offer hope you take control of your own health doctors arent gods also you could have started an internal infection like in your digestive tract  if so a doctor can perscibe flagle to burn it out important to rule out
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