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high glucose and abnormal liver enzyme test (alt/sgpt or sgpt)

I had some blood work done last week and my glucose came back as 111 and my sgpt level at 114. I have recent had severe abdominal pain which no doctor has diagnosed. I have been to ER twice for these pains. I also have constant digestive problems. Food goes straight through me, even have to use restroom halfway through eating a meal. I have constipation and diarrhea all the time, as well as being nauseous and gassy. I also have had chest pains and with those chest pains I feel like cold running through my veins in the chest. I have had weakness in my arms and legs. My feet, hands, legs and arms fall asleep very fast, my big toes were always numb no matter what time of day or what I was doing. anytime i touched my big toe the felt as if the were asleep and felt tingly. My bones or joints in my knees are very bad and feel as if they lock at times. when sitting criss crossed my knee usually hurts to straighten out so have to pick up my leg and move it slowly myself. My bones in my leg have also hurt like deep within the bone. Also have been very lightheaded/dizzy and getting migraines. I also have blurred vision. I also missed my period for 2 months (august and september) but got it again in october, usually if regular. I am diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ocd and bipolar disorder. most of the symptoms where said to be anxiety cause but since results where abnormal I want some advice.
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Has any doctor mentioned Fibromyalgia? I say this as your symptoms create a profile similar to those of us that have it. There are 11 pressure points that will be sore when the doctor touches them, this is one way to diagnose, another is a blood test.

I would make an appointment either an internist or endocrinologist, these two would be your best source for sorting out your issues.
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Thank you, I am getting more lab testing done Friday and see what the results are.
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