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please help! frequent bloody stools for over 4wks

I have been having blood and soft stools for more than 4 weeks now. for the past 2 weeks i've been having more discomfort and stomach cramping. i have about 10-15 bowl movements a day. And about 3-5 during the night. It actually wakes me up. My wife got me to go into the ER last week, at 1st they thought it was Pancreatitis because my L enzyme was over 700. But after reallizing that I don't take Prescription drugs and very rarely drink alcohol they ordered a CT scan and discovered I have fatty liver. The endocrinologist didn't think the liver and stool situation was related but they sent me home and put me on a low fat diet.  i have an appointment with the endocrinologist since my bowel issues have only continued and im much more fatigued now. I don't know what else to do, what could it be??
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It could be a number of things and the best way to find out is to get an examination done.  A doctor can look up the anal canal to see if there is anything, but he can only see so far up the canal.  So you really should be seeing a bowel specialist to get a colonoscopy done.  This is where a camera is inserted to see what is going on in the colon.

If you have not already had it done, then make an appointment to see your doctor if your endocrinologist appointment isn't soon and ask the doctor if you can have your stools examined for any abnormalities.  You already know that there is blood because you can see this.

I should imagine that anything you eat will be going right through you.  So I suggest you eat bland foods and keep off all dairy foods, that includes, cheese, milk.  Drink plenty of fluids like diluted soft squashes and light soups (without cream and milk in).  Because you have had a lot of bowel movements, you need to be careful that you do not become dehydrated.  

I am no doctor, but I agree with your endocrinologist that the fatty liver and stool situation is not related.

Hope you get sorted out soon.
Best wishes

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Well the bloody stool isn't anything to mess with. Sorry about the next question, do your stools look tarry or like coffee grounds or just loose, can you see the blood or are stools black like old blood. Have you been checked for diverticulosis? Your Endo should be able to verify that. It will give you a lot of cramping at times, diarrhea. Stay away from iceberg lettuce,popcorn, food with small seeds, tomato seeds, spicy foods etc until you see your Endo. He may prescribe antibiotics of the intestine has gotten infected. You could have polyps that have become infected because a small seed has gotten stuck and has inflamed the area. One not so nice thing he will likelyorder for you is a colonoscopy. Tell him you want to be put out for the procedure. If he says it won't be necessary, FIND ANOTHER ENDO!  I'm sorry but it's not his rectum they are scoping......hope I haven't discouraged you from going because it can cause much discomfort if not addressed. My mom we'd too long and had to have surgery, she is much better, you might catch it before u need surgery
Take care I hope you get some comfort soon
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