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sleep disorders

I wake up gasping for air at nite when i 1st fall asleep... Its almost like im trying to wake myself up like im having a stroke or something. Can anyone tell me what is going on??

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sorry my post had alot of spelling things...

anyway there is a thing you can wear to bring your jaw forward and so not strangle  and close that airway..  they use to have pretty outrageous contraptions.. surely with so many people with this they will come up with something soon...  but Do go to a sleep center,  its a little money but I think insurance covers it.  You will know if you stop breathing .   I know I do.  
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If you sleep with a partner, have they ever noticed that you stop breathing during sleep and then start to gasp?  

If so that will confirm sleep apnea.  Your doctor would be able to refer to to the sleep clinic for confirmation and hopefully help you out.

People with this condition have to sleep with an oxygen mask and some kind of machine (don't know what it's called).

My son has it, and his partner very often notices that he stops breathing for a few minutes and then start gasping for air whilst he is still asleep.  He also snores like a tractor.  I wish I had him checked out by a doctor when he was young, but many years ago it was known as much as it is now.  He will be 39 on Monday.  Unfortunately, he won't go and see the doc about it.

I don't really know how his partner manages to sleep with him with him being so noisy.  

Best wishes
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I have the  same thing.   this is sleep apnea.   I think it means you stop breathing while you sleep.  thats why you are gasping.  There are sleep places you can go to .. the will monitor and observe your and tell you what exactly is happening while you sleep.
You might try to note if this happens more or worse during certain times,  liike stress,  or diet,  or does excersize help..  Your teeth,  your mouth also figure into it,  how your throat reasts when you sleep,  is your mouth open,   do you lay on your back.   Hope it gets better for you..
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Have you been checked out by your doctor?  It sounds to me as if you are suffering from sleep apnea.  People with sleep apnea stop breathing during their sleep.  There may be some obstruction in the air passage.
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Hi Kay, sounds like your having a sinus condition and the air is being blocked. Some times people that snore have the same thing.
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