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staph infection that won't heal

This has been going on for over a year, I have had surgery to remove the staph and it came back, the dr's are shaking their heads, it has made a long canal starting at the pubic bone, it just won't go away
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Hello~I think I would ask the doctor for a stronger antibiotic, or possibly see another physician, one that specializes in immune disorders. I would also increase your immune builder vitamins such as Vitamin C, B, D, A and the herb, Echnicea. Also, start taking some Propolis capsules, this is manufactured by bees and it works almost as well, if not better, than penicillin.  You can get it at any health-food store.
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Wow, how bad was your initial infection?  I've heard they only do surgery for staph when it is extreme!  This is on your pubic bone area? Was this inside a wound?  And how do you know you have a staph infection again?  My son has had a staph infection and it was initially very localized but it spread to his blood stream overnight and he literally had the craters over his entire body head to toe at intervals. Was very frightening.  Luckily he did respond to antibiotics.  I've read that when staph recurs you need to change your diet to all healthy, get rest, build your immune system.  When people have a resurgence of staph that is left dormant on/in their body, it is usually when they are tired, stressed or sick.  There is also something called "Job Syndrome" to look into.  Here's an article to read. https://www.medicinenet.com/one_staph_two_staph/ask.htm  Since you have been diagnosed with staph again, will they try antibiotics before it gets serious?
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