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state of drunkenness since 2005

like to add to the list.  also state of drunkenness since 2005. heavy pressure over eyes. no balance. dizzy.
Numerous neurologist and one bone doctor. Nothing. except couple  years ago Penn Neurologist indicated no findings of Parkinson Disease.  Last year and most recent Neurologist decided it was 'mild' Parkinson. That's only because of unbalance. Asked what were other symptoms  ???  Supposed to have at least 2 of the 4 symptoms:
tremors, slowness, rigidity and balance.
I only have balance problem, non of the others.  Parkinson's, really  ?????
Referred to 'balance' doctor in June 2013.
I might add had MRI's, CT scans, Xrays, blood work, you name it  for past 7 years. Nothing.

This discussion is related to been feeling woozy, like partially drunk, eyes also feel funny..
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Are you taking any supplements?  My Mom is 94 and takes: Cod Liver Oil, Flaxseed, Magnesium, Argenine, Aloe, Apple Cider juice, and Milk Thistle.  That little old lady runs circles around me!  (I'm 69).   She has almost reversed her diabetes and is in good health for her age. - Might try some supplements as our food isn't what it was when we were young.... It's been modified and lacks nutrition.  Watch:   Food Inc.
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Hello 1644 , i have the same problem from last 2 months and i am really worried about it , i feel myself drunk , everything seems unreal and it seems like i'm in a dream i don't know how to figure out whats the issue and what its treatment will be .
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seen 7 or 8 nurologist plus one orthopedic man past 7 years. no answers yes. working on last two neurologist at present. last bood test cost $2,500 and have to wait until Feb for next appointment  ???
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Have been tested in yeast, chlamydia and Lyme (Western Blot test and ELISA assays) plus thyroid tests, allergy and renal impairment and minerals?

If you have it right, I focused on the neck and exercises for relaxation and I began to take minerals like magnesium, etc :.

All described may be associated with Axienty and from emerging depersonalization and derealization

Yet it is good to check whether the test multiple sclerosis lumbar puncture or brain MRI (to me also came out negative), plus I was on visual evoked potentials VEP, EEG, EKG everything alright
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I first had my dizzy symptoms around 2 years ago now and this was the first time I contacted the doctor a few months later. There were symptoms present prior to this but never took real noticed as only had full ear now and again and thought it was trapped water.

Background: I am currently a CAD/CAM engineer (2013-present) so I use a computer to do all my work and can honestly say this is one the most distressing disorders that profoundly affects your ability to function on so many levels.
My symptoms started before I started this job and previously I had been on sick leave for around a year recovering from a fractured calcaneus. Previous to that I was in the ventilation trade fitting ductwork on building sites 2007-2012. I started having crackling in my ear maybe around 2011 and it was when I was around loud noises such as work or when the kids or the Mrs were shouting. I also felt a fullness in my left ear at times. I hadn’t really thought anything serious at the time, blocked water or a slight infection.

I'm a very active person. I do a lot of extreme sports, snowboarding, kitesurfing, mountain biking. I eat very health, plenty fruit and veg. I'm at either gym or classes every other day. I used to smoke but gave this up a few years ago. I have been known to have the odd cigarette but its months between them. I drink but not in excess. Few glasses of wine or beers a week, odd time every few months I may get really drunk.

My symptoms: I will try and keep things brief. They are there 24 hours a day seven days a week, some days better than others with maybe a slight relief for 10 minutes after I wake, symptom wise I have a really bad "thick" head feeling spaced out like I am not on this planet, photo phobia, slight nausea, dizzy (no spinning) walk into door frames, sensitive to noise, horrible sensations in my ears, pressure, fullness in my left ear and head are going to explode especially when I'm hot after a workout. Visual problems, pressure, itchy dry like eyes (optician found them not dry) distance vision is blurred, near vision on reading look almost 3D and the words move around on the page. If I go into a store or a supermarket my vision goes crazy and I feel really unwell, sick, dizzy, light headed like I am going to faint (maybe light triggered). I have fatigue usually during the day and feel like I haven’t had enough sleep even though I have. I get weird sleep, wake up 10 minutes after fell asleep, night sweats and wake up a lot during night. I have cognitive problems like difficulty concentrating, short term memory problems and doing stupid things, such as going to the fridge for toilet paper and forgetting what I'm in a room for, even driving the wrong direction to where I'm going. I sometimes forget words to say and have to think. I also think I am more irritable than I would be normally. All these added get me feeling down some days as it’s very debilitating. I feel worse when I'm tired, which is most days now so affecting my fitness and my work.

Treatment: I feel my GP doctors have limited knowledge on vestibular disorders and treatment. I have been seen by 3 doctors and all giving me various tablets and nasal sprays. Rapitil for itchy eyes and various antihistamines. I also do some nasal irrigation. Latest GP wanting to give me amitriptyline which I refused. I have been sent to the ENT clinic where test were done. Camera up my nose and hearing test. All results normal and sent back to GP with nasal spray again. I have had bloods taken twice to test thyroid, kidney, liver and deficiency with results normal. Blood pressure normal.

I find no tablets have really helped and have read the ones I have taken may have hindered my recovery with regards to Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy or VRT and the compensation process.

I was in France for a week in the Alps 11-18th April this year and found that my symptoms were a lot less severe when there. Maybe my mind was more on snowboarding rather than concentrating on my dizziness but I was very relieved.

im currently on a waiting list (been 4 months now) for a neurologist.

I have never been diagnosed to date 14/05/15. Its really getting to me now and i feel like quiting my job. sometimes unbearable looking at my computer screen. what else can I do??
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I finally have been diagnosed with ME/CFS, All me results including brain MRI was found all clear.
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I have been experiencing these same symptoms, I think it should be noted that I was born with a congenital heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, I am 18, and at the age of 15 I was implanted with a pacemaker/small defibrillator in my left chest underneath my collarbone, it was discovered after an incident during wrestling practice when I went into cardiac arrest and almost lost my life, I believe I am very fit or at least above average in health for my age and have been less hard on my body since then, I am about 130 lbs and 5'5. For the past 2 weeks I've been suffering from these symptoms: a somewhat drunk feeling without drinking, some eye fatigue, tiredness, sometimes major but usually minor headaches, some pressure lingering near my forehead area, a small bit of pain near the back of my neck (but I believe this may be due to my posture, not sure), feeling I'm out of it, and sometimes minor memory loss but I remember with a bit of time, however it's very hard to think.

The first time these symptoms came was one day while I was sitting at my computer desk at night around 9:15 PM listening to some music, there were no lights besides the light coming from my computer. I ignored it until maybe 10:00 PM which is when I got off of my computer and layed down in bed since I thought It was just a headache, I watched TV for maybe 30 minutes - an hour until I actually slept (Couldn't sleep because I was worried). I woke up feeling fine, but then the same symptoms came back about 10 minutes later, and they intensified as time went on, I spoke to my mom about it and we decided to go to the emergency room because it had us concerned, driving to the hospital made it severely worse. At the hospital they took lots of tests, blood pressure many times, many samples of my blood, a CT Scan of my head and neck, a Pacemaker checkup, a heart ultrasound, and told me everything came out fine. We stayed for about a week until they allowed us to leave, they prescribed me some Meclizine for the dizziness and then sent me on my way, however I feel it didn't help me at all since I left the hospital in the same condition as when I entered it.

It gets better whenever I lay down, and sometimes it gets worse when I'm using my computer, but it gets worse in either just ten minutes of computer time, or with five hours of computer time. When I lay in bed and use my phone or iPad it seems to be very weak, or not there at all. The odd part is that it comes and goes, I've been told it could either be an ear infection, depression, a shift in the brain stem, neck strain, and many other things. I'm trying my hardest to see if I can cure it on my own to not spend too much money on hospital expenses since so many people say many different doctors could not find the problem. I'm going to change my diet completely, take some supplements and vitamins, try to feel better about myself, and overall just get more rest. I live at ease with my mother, my father has been present in all years of my life and occasionally comes to visit me every day or week, I have a High School Diploma, and I do not work or go to college yet. I am probably the closest thing to your average teen boy. Sometimes I do get depressed and anxious about the meaning of life, and trying to examine its purpose, however I usually dismiss this idea and just continue living, trying to make the best of my situation.

If anyone has any information, or have had this and got better, PLEASE let me know. I get frustrated feeling like this and have read that some people have had it for years with still no cure, which makes me scared for my quality of life, and also leads me to losing some hope. I will definitely be posting if any improvements on my own situation are made.

My email is: ***@****
If you’d like to contact me.
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I suffered from all these symptoms for about 2 months, then I finally received a tiny electrical wave (shock) from my pacemaker delivered to my heart, and I instantly felt fine again.

I am only 18 years old, but I highly suggest seeing a cardiologist and asking if there is some way to deliver a small shock to your heart, as this could be the problem, as it was for me.
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