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weather seems affect health more than anything i guess

All the years i struggled with lots of sensitivity and sickness,

I felt weather is the most top cause or cure to many illness.

for example, if you catch a cold, doc would give you anti histamines or antivirals, anyway you have to endure some days to fight flu. Hospitals or medicinal foods help us but can't cure the cold instantly.

and however I change or keep my diet, when the weather and temperature changes, everything just collapse.

Food or herbs can't fight the weather.
only very strong medications would pacify the weather effect, but still it's very hard.

Someone i know had serious atopic eczema, nothing could cure it, nor conventional medicine even alternative medicine, diet or exercise didn't matter to him.
but after he moved to canada, his atopic eczema just dissapeared. He ate anything he wants, greasy foods and spices freely, but the eczema didn't return.

i myself is very sensitive to heat and humidity. during summer, it's like hell.

what do you think about it?
what do you think is the biggest cause or cure of illness?

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The West coast of the US and further now is also under the Fukushima radiation fall out, that wont help ..
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well I agree with you except I dont think its weather '  I do think its from the environmental allergies we get, caused by the bombardment of aerial spraying and the toxins they spray .
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Do you believe in the strange spraying we see in the sky?

I never believed conspiracies like that, but since I'm starting to see the spraying myself on my town's sky,

well maybe it's not weather.
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