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Open muscle biopsy on thigh question

Hello. I had a biopsy on my right thigh about a week ago. They took three pieces of muscle to sample. It seems to be healing pretty well other than it is puffy/somewhat swollen around the incision still. Is this normal? Fluid?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for the question.  I assume you were asking if the appearance of a puffy and swollen incision site was normal.  I would check anything like that out with your doctor as the obvious complication is infection at that site. It has now been a couple of weeks. Is there any update?
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Hello! Swelling has gone down quite a bit. Still a little sore around the area but doesn't interfere with walking/exercise. There is a slight bulge around the incision. I called the nurse and they informed me it could be some fluid and they could take a look if they'd like but not too worried about it. Don't want to go to a hospital if I don't have to right now...
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Diagnostic considerations include focal edema, seroma, hematoma, and/or abscess. If pain/swelling persists and/or worsens, inform your surgeon who may decide to order additional laboratory and/or imaging tests.
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