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Small shard of glass embedded on foot

After stepping on a few shard of glass they penetrated the skin of my right foot. Not able to see them I waited for them to work themselves out. They went in. For almost two years I have 2 or 3 small shards of glass that causes me moderate to high discomfort and they've been there for almost two years. They are visible with xray but not with MRI. I'm looking for a specialist who can remove these objects from my foot. The first objective is to actually see them, preferably with an ultrasound machine however the ones commonly found in doctor's offices does not see it. Are there other types of ultrasound machines with more power and able to see these objects? I live in the SF Bay Area. Any leads, referrals. I truly appreciate any help as this problems is causing me all sorts of troubles and pains....Thank you
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The drill is this. You need to numerous wrap coils of thin wire around your foot, a  half inch apart. Then coils at 90 degrees. This provides a pattern. Take the x-ray. Then use a permanant marker to trace the wire lines and remove them. This will provide a guide for the surgeon. He will have the x-ray with the wire shown and see the lines on your foot. If you know exactly where the glass is, place the wire in parallel lines closer together. Mind that x-rays provide a distorted image of the foot, I am surprised an x-ray shows the glass but an MRI does not.
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Alternatively, take a three inch wide by three inch piece of adhesive tape. Lay down ten wires one quarter inch apart. Then another ten at ninety degrees. Press this in an ink stamp pad.. Put over the area where the glass seems to be. Take your x-ray. Remove the adhesive tape. Reinforce the lines with a sharpie permanant marker. This will provide the exact location of the shard to the surgeon.
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