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Tightness and pain in armpit where I had surgery to remove scar tissue from abscess?

Hi there,
Four years ago I got an abscess in my armpit due to an ingrown hair from shaving. It was quite a large round and excruciatingly painful lump (probably the size of a ping pong ball) and it had ALOT of pus come out of it but then it would fill straight back up again overnight. I went and saw my GP and was prescribed antibiotics which eventually cleared it up. It left me with a small hole in my armpit (maybe 5mm wide), which caused the abscess to come back another 3 times. I eventually went in and had surgery to remove the scar tissue under the skin and get rid of the hole on the outside. After the surgery the stitches didn't dissolve properly and I had to go in and get the remaining ones removed by my GP, painful because they were under the skin and they had to dig in there to get them out. Ever since I had the surgery (nearly 2 years ago), my armpit doesn't feel the same. There's still a smallish hole (which I don't know if that's from them getting the stitches out), and occasionally I will get the tiniest bit of white pus come out but that's it. If I push on certain spots (even very lightly) I will have pain and most of the times pins and needles run down my arm, sometimes into my hand. It feels like when they did the surgery they got nerves caught up in something, I don't know? But for the past 2 days I've had an incredibly tight feeling in my armpit, it hurts and it feels like I'm going to rip the skin open if I raise my arm above my head. There's no lump that I can feel, just a really hard feeling under the skin directly above the scar. So I don't think it's an abscess. Does anyone have any ideas if this could be a muck up from the surgery or something else? Thanks
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if you want to replace old tissue  which is probubly the case i believe an iodine suplement called iodide will help just like the song 'take time with a wounded hand cause it likes to heal 'take time with all injuries because they take time to heal but they want too i know its a bummer to be imperfect. but you sometimes just got to heal from the inside out 50 mg daily
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I am so sorry to know all these thing from your question it seems that you have gone through a lot of process for making it perfect but the thing is after surgery there may be some scars or something like that. you have to accept that. but it should not have some complication as in your case. You need to consult some good doctor to solve it out.
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