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daughter with displaced rectum

My daughter is 3 months old, she was born with a displaced rectum (less than 1mm away from her vagina) she haad to stop nursing due to an allergy to milk and just a very sensative stomach....she is beginnng to have troubles going to the bathroom and they are sending us to a surgeon.  Has anyone ever heard of this type of surgery?...I really cannot find much on it, and have alot of questions, They couldn't get her into the dr until 1 month away and that is leaving us really worried about this procedure....we are wondering if she will have to have a colostomy and how long this whole process last etc... any info would be appreciated
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I have heard of it, but am not totally familiar with everything that goes on with it. I do know that if everything goes well, she should not need to have a colostomy done. I do recommend though that you make sure that your surgeon is familiar with this type of procedure. Experience means a lot when looking for a good surgeon.
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My daughter was born with Her anus the same distance from vagina and about as big as the small end of a sharpie marker. They couldn't even take her temperature at birth. She was transported by ambulance to mayo hospital nicu. She was put on a feeding tube and monitored around the clock. Her anus had to be dilated twice daily with a small rod. At 5 days Ikr she underwent surgery. They closed off her anus, made a new one and directed her rectum to it. She was on oxygen for a day after the surgery. I didn't sleep for more than 12 hours total the entire time we were in nicu. She was sent home at 8 days old. I still have to dilate her anus daily and she is on miralax daily to avoid hard stools. She will be one year old in 12 days. While it is a terrifying experience, it is a relatively simple procedure. I did a lot of praying and my family was by my side the entire time. It is worth it in the end. Have faith and know that it isn't as uncommon as you think.
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It's very difficult to handle surgery for baby's but the thing is you need to go through it. Do not worry now a days there is perfect solution for everything I have not met someone who has faced this issue but after asking from some of my friends they just told me that there is nothing to worry about.
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