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Amniotic Band Syndrome

Hi I'm 29 and I was born with Amniotic band syndrome caused birth defects. As far as I am aware this is not genetic . But recently my mum told me that a nurse had recommend me have genetic counseling when I'm an adult. I'm hoping to have kids and plan to start trying in about a year or so. Should I be alarmed, I've always thought there was nothing to worry about. do I need to see a genetic counselor? and when should I see one if the answer is yes.
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Amniotic band syndrome is not a genetic disease. The condition is a result of any causes of rupture of the amnion, membrane around the fetus, leading to fibrous band that can be restricted growth of any where of the body.
Sometime it is difficult to differentitate between the syndrome with other birth defect with abnormal growth of the limb.
So it it a good idea to consult with a geneticist who are specialized with birth defects called dysmorphologist to be sure that it is the condition you said or not before you consider about having family.
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