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Dear Doctor,

My Boyfriends' father is 59 years and he suffers from diabetes, he takes insuline injections. He began suffering from diabetes 10 years ago, first taking pills and now insuline injections. I am worried about this disease being heriteted. Is it the type one or type two diabetes heriteted? How do i know if he has it herited or not? Is it only knowing if it is type one or type two that can assure me that my future children dont run any risk for such disease?
I look forward hearing from you soon.

Thank you
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Both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are multifactorial disorders, which means that they involve a combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors. It seems counterintuitive, but type 2 diabetes has a larger hereditary component than type 1 diabetes, even though diet and lifestyle contribute greatly to the development of type 2 diabetes.  
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Both type of diabetes are hereditary and also depends upon the levels of chance, to pass to the progeny. Some times the gene will be suppressed and the person carrying this suppressed gene becomes a career and passes it to the next filial generation.  Any how take care of the diet properly.
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