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tooth enamal

my Grandaughters two bottom teeth came in by the time she was 4 months old & were normal but when her 2 top teeth came in they looked gray & clear. We were told she has no enamal on them. Will this affect her permanent teeth & will all her other teeth come in like that also?

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Hello Penny100,

Before I research this for you through my several channels of expert help, I was wondering, can you tell me does your grand daughter have a genetic disorder, disease or syndrome?  I am just curious if I should be looking up answers with respect to Genetic conditions or referring you to a dental forum.  I would like to help you to the best advice possible, but I need a bit more information if that is possible.

Regardless, I will still look into this for you and post what ever answer I can.  In the mean time, please do let me know if she has any kind of diagnosis which may attribute to this issue (genetic or other).

Sandi (Dragon1973)
MedHelp Genetics Community Leader;
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Wanted to share that my daughter had awful teeth as a toddler and ended up withcrowns and caps and bonding for years ... her adult teeth came in and they are 100% normal. Today she is 17 and after routine orthodontic work to correct over-crowding she is still doing great.

She, too, had little enamel and new teeth erupted with holes in them!  A tiny cavity could get to massive crater stages and abscesses within days. She had many abscesses and also a few pulled with space retainers put in place until her molars came in.

In our case they think it was caused by me having Coxsackie virus first trimester.  I had a 103 temp and definite case of it...but we'll never know.

Hope this helps ... also, the pain of the cavities we never knew she had in the beginning caused her to not like to eat.

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