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my 87 year old mom had dementia and was given haldol for 75 days straight was having a heart attack and couldn't tell anyone because she was like a zomby on the haldol. The paramedic said if she wouldn't have been on it she would have been in such distress she could have told someone sooner that she was having chest pains. Why won't anyone stop this abuse of drugs on the elderly?
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Several years ago I almost got thrown out of an emergency room after taking a haldol syringe from a doctor and smashing it on the floor. The patient was a frightened 101 years old and needed to be held and hugged.  There is rarely a need for Haldol. It is used as a so-called "chemical straightjacket",. Worse, it masks symptoms and makes differential diagnosis of a real problem impossible. The so-called "paramedic" gave you advice above his pay grade.
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