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Introducing Tuckamore as your new Community Leader


Please join me in welcoming Tuckamore as your new Community Leader for the Senior Health Community.   Tuckamore has helped many people on the community, and we look forward to her working to help your Community continue to improve and grow.

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Thank You Cheryl and Greeting Senior Health Members,

I am looking forward to the opportunity of sharing the challenges we face with Senior Health issues.

This Community has great potential to become a place where we can all support and learn from one another. I have years of working and interacting with seniors and now find myself approaching that time.  

I have found that the more informed we are the better health care consumers we become. Wading through the bureaucracy of medical insurance and the health care delivery system can be mind boggling. Understanding medical terminology, procedures and medications can also be a huge challenge.

Together this journey can be easier. Sharing our personal experiences can be very beneficial. I look forward to exchanging information, thoughts and concerns. Please feel free to send me a PM (Personal Message). I will do my very best to respond promptly.  I am always eager to share my opinions and I hope you will share yours also.  

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What is a good scales for home use?  
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My sibling bought one that's lasted a long time that is digital.  The brand is Tanita.  However, you might check Consumer's Report at your local library or online to see what they think is the best.  Also, you might try looking on e-pinons or Amazon to see what people think about various scales.
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