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Is recovery possible

I was recently discharged from hospital Feb 2016 after  sepsis treatment as a result of UTI and kidney stone. Prior to this I was working fulltime, active, independent, and I worked in the area of mental health. now I find myself frightened of getting sick again,when i first left hospital i needed someone with me 24/7 just in case i got sick and died and couldn't get help,i cry alot now, have  become withdrawn, adn a whole heap of other things. I need to get back to work because the caused extreme financial hardship, I lost my job, need to find another one, but I am afraid that I cannot do this because of have this fear that I will become ill again, and die.  What should I be doing to get back to normal and have a full and productive life. How do I stop this from occurring again. I cannot believe what this has done to me. Why is there not enough info coming from the doctors about the effects of Sepsis. I am 52.
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Hi Rose, I also am recovering from sepsis and septic shock. Mine was the first of Oct. and I still have open wounds. My bacteria that caused the sepsis was strep A, and turned out to be the flesh eater! I have come a long way and still have a long way to go.  There are many information websites out there, but I think you would like Sepsis Alliance. If you google surviving sepsis or life after sepsis, it will show up. Have patience, and see what happens. If you can't go back to work, get a lawyer for SSD. Too much stress and paperwork without one and for me, sepsis has altered some of my memory skills and such...
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