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Sex after 65 years old

I had sex recently after non for 5 years, now I have a pink discharge from my virgina, do I need to see a doctor about this problem.
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Maybe not immediately if you have no other problems. This may be due to cervical erosion. An annual Pap smear is always a good idea.
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Hello Classy and Welcome!

First - Bravo! I'm happy to hear that you have resumed sex. It's healthy at any age - unless we have been advised against it by our medical practitioner!

I am delighted that Dr Rynne provided you with his opinion.

I have noted that after long absences from sex we older females can have a pink discharge. It lasts for a very short time, maybe a few hours.

An OB/GYN told me it was due to vaginal dryness and the changes (including the cervical erosion as Dr. Rynne stated)  that occur as we age. I assume you are up-to-date with your Pap smears - if not be sure to get current.

If you have a routine appt with your medical provider be sure to mention this pink discharge. Indeed if you are comfortable with calling the provider's nurse, do so. This bears mentioning. If the discharge continues you must also contact your provider.

I doubt this is anything to be concerned with - but I'm not a physician.

Please keep in touch.


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