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Very concerned about my 48yrs old mother who is experiencing concerning symptoms

what is going on with my mother's health? her symptoms include swelling in both legs+ankles,swollen stomach at times,  headaches, fatigue,memory loss ( has been concerned she may be getting dementia over the past 6 months) ,confusion,abdominal pain on the right side under her rib cage ( behind her hip near back ) ,dark urine, over all weakness, spider like vein's on her legs, bunions that just appeared on the inner side of both feet, sometimes her hands go red and hot to touch, at times she loses feeling in her hands and will drop whatever she is holding in her hand, every morning she wakes up she describes a pain but numb feeling from hands up to elbow in both arm's and had to wiggle her finger tips around until feeling comes back, twice this month she woke up with what appeared to be a burst blood vessel in her left eye and for the past 2 weeks she has been very sick with flu like symptoms including, vomiting,nausea, fever, diarrhea. Approximately a month ago now she experience bleeding from both her vagina and rectum and was referred to a specialist in gynecology. I have blood work however cannot understand it, please help me try to figure out what is wrong with my mom and to understand than results
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