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triple vision

M<y mother is 82 and had a cataratas operation in both eyes. Everything was right until she start seeing triple. She has been examined but doctors find nothing wrong with the operation and eyes yet they said it looks like a paralized nerve deep in one of the eyes.

what is the cause of this and how could it be corrected. Is this related to the brain, stres, loos of mine, please let me know.

My mother is a very active person. She has high blood presure, extra pounds, she has hipertiroidismo. Besides that she is alright.

Please let me know
maria Elena
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Often this is due to damage to the cranial nerves, specifically the 3rd and 4th. There are many possible causes, including high blood pressure, diabetes, vitamin B-12 intake etc. It is important for your mother to see an M.D. opthamologist as soon as possible. Often the nerves can re-generate with treatment. If the situation goes on long enough the damage can become permanent. The "extra pounds" comment suggest a diabetic etiology. This is a disconcerting problem and also often causes a person to lose their sense of balance. You mom needs professional medical advice and a thorough workup from an M.D. DON'T LET THIS GO!
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My wife has double and at times triple vision.  She went to an ophthalmologist and neurologist.  She had an MRI but it was normal. Both told her that they could find nothing wrong and could not tell us what is causing it or how to correct it.  Her problem is in each eyes even when she closes one of them. Is there anyone that can help?
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